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Morocco Sahara desert gallery Ouzina Rimal

Morocco Sahara desert gallery Ouzina Rimal

The best times to visit Morocco are spring and fall (specifically March, April ). Spring may be perfect because the sky is a beautiful blue. It is also the best time to see the desert and most of the south.
If you prefer a hot sun, come in July, August, or early September. The months between late September and December are pleasant, with cool evenings.

OUZINA RIMAL offers : 
  • desert accommodation in Sahara desert Morocco - Ouzina
  • restaurant with traditional Moroccan and Berber food
  • desert activities in Sahara desert
  • private Morocco tours with travel company

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Desert Off Road Hotel - Restaurant - Bivouac
+212 667 252 110 / +212 666 040 163
GPS N 30°44'47.22'' W 04°12'45.71''

Piste Merzouga - Zagora Km 70, Ouzina 52202, Morocco

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